IMDvista Factory Concept - Preform Factory Concept 4.0

«Factory Concept 4.0» for 100% production control, inspection and wall thickness measurement.
You can easily integrate our monitoring systems into all of your PET production facilities. This way, every shot is tested and you can react immediately to any variations.

IMDvista Factory Concept

Factory Concept 4.0
Inline monitoring
Inline monitoring
Inline 100% inspection
Offline 100% inspection
Offline layer inspection
Solution for preform manufacturers
Compact solution up to medium output
Flexible solution for all output ranges
Efficient logistics concept for caps
High quality clean line solution

Together with M. Tanner AG company we offer our customers a complete solution from a single source.

Starting with a concept (layout) via the engineering (customer solution) to the installation (products & service) and support during the lifetime of our products (after sales management).

  • Flexible customized layouts

  • Fast change-over of formats & designs

  • Complete factory concept out of one hand

  • SWISS companies for your sucess

Swiss Partnership Drives Innovation

Two market leaders joined with only one goal: perfectly combine proven technologies for a most flexible and robust system solution for the market.

SWISS Partnership

IMDvista Preform Inspection Products

The best materials. State of the art technology, clear design – Made in Switzerland.

IMDvista Factory Concept 4.0

IMDvista Factory Concept 4.0

IMDvista PECO LUX – Complete Preform Inspection System

IMDvista PECO LUX – Inline Preform Monitoring

IMDvista PECO V3 –Preform Inspection System

IMDvista PECO V3 – Preform Inspection

Preform OEM Inspection

IMDvista PECO OEM – Preform Vision Inspection System

Vision Control Center V5

IMDvista V5 VCC – Vision Control Center

IMDvista Portal

IMDvista PORTAL – Network Solution

M. Tanner AG – DFST Double Filling Station


M. Tanner AG – SOFThandling

IMDvista PECO KPT-2014

M. Tanner AG – KPT Tipper Unit

PS Line M.Tanner

M. Tanner AG – PS Preform Line


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