Preform OEM Inspection

IMDvista PECO OEM- Vision Inspection System

Integration in any external machine solution. Integrated into handling and robot-systems.

IMDvista vision systems for OEM installations are accepted system solutions in the industry. You can install them in your preform line anywhere. We will find a solution for your specific applications together with you.

  • Flexible and easy integration in any system
  • One control center (HMI) for the whole vision system
  • Compact and fully adapted to your needs
  • Including vision system, touch screen and all licences
In combination with up to
and even more cameras
High speed vision inspection up to
parts per minute

Functionality and Design

State of the art technology, clear design and easy to use – that’s our formula for the best vision systems


High Speed Inspection Camera

Touch Interface

One screen for complete overview


A fully integrated and compact machine interface


Powerful software that makes the system extremely robust and reliable. Market proven software

Your Benefits

A complete and powerful vision inspection system for your specific needs.

  • Lower investment for shortest paybacks
  • A complete inspected final product
  • Compact and standardized interfaces
  • Best price for high performance level
PECO Monitoring System

Preform Inspection

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