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Closure Inspection Systems

IMDvista – Closure Inspection Systems

One central control, one technician to oversee production, one contact for all: One complete system solution from a single source. Now also integrated with slitting/ folding and digital print.

Choose your closure inspection system from the following options.

IMDvista INOX LIne - Complete System Solution

Closure inspection with complete downstream equipment.

IMDvista Complete Closure Vision Inspection

The INOX line is the trendsetter and standard today’s closure market. The one of a kind complete system solution is controlled by a central PLC and a single HMI. The complete stainless steel line, from the injection molding machine to the box shifter, is utilized for 100% quality inspection.
IMDvista INOX Line (the ORIGINAL): Clean, simple, compact, robust and very flexible!

Key Facts
  • More than 3’000 systems worldwide sucessfully in operation
  • Complete solution – out of one hand
  • One PLC for all system parts

Product Video

IMDvista INOX IL - CLOSURE Inspection System

IMDvista SDL – Complete System "Swiss Downstream Line"

IMD / PackSys Global SDL: Inspection, slitting and folding with complete downstream equipment for closure production.

IMDvista SDL – Swiss Downstream Line

Swiss Downstream Line (SDL) provides a complete solution including inspection, slitting and folding for closure production. For this joint development, two market leaders combined their extensive and innovative skills. The new system offers tremendous advantages to the market. The compact layout sets new standards. Driven by the IMDvista V5 vision control center, operators always have a perfect production and performance overview.

Key Facts
  • Compact and standardized layout
  • One control center (HMI) for the whole system
  • Ease of use for high user efficiency
  • Lower investment for shortest paybacks

Product Video

IMDvista SDL – Complete System "Swiss Downstream Line"

IMDvista CLDP– Complete System "Closure Digital Print"

Full flexibility in format & design with integrated vision system.

IMDvista CLDP Closure Digital Print Solution

The CLDP is a complete system solution for digital closure printing including integrated inspection system. Changeover in print artwork and closure design is very easy and fast. Flexible customer oriented printing solutions are now a reality with very high quality printing. Print-to-order any quantity with flexibility and a quick delivery time.

Key Facts
  • More flexibility and faster change-over
  • Less waste
  • Personalized
  • More Sales

Product Video

IMDvista CLDP– Complete System "Closure Digital Print"

IMDvista Closure Inspection Products

The Best Materials. State of the art technology, clear Design – Made in Switzerland.

IMDvista Vacuum Conveyor

IMDvista CSIX – Closure Inspection


IMDvista WFS-C – Waterfall Sorter Compact

IMDvista Waterfall Sorter

IMDvista WFS – Waterfall Sorter

IMDvista Undermold Conveyor

IMDvista UMC – Undermold Conveyor

IMDvista Cooling Conveyor

IMDvista CCS – Cooling Conveyor

IMDvista BOX

IMDvista BS – Box Shifter

IMDvista SPARK Pinhole Detection

IMDvista SPIX – Pinhole Detection


IMDvista BTIX – Closure Barrier Inspection

Closure OEM Integration

IMDvista CLCO OEM – Closure Vision Inspection System

IMDvista SDL – Swiss Downstream Line

IMDvista SDL – Slitting & Folding

Vision Control Center V5

IMDvista V5 VCC – Vision Control Center

IMDvista Portal

IMDvista PORTAL – Network Solution

IMDvista CLDP Closure Digital Print Solution

IMDvista CLDP – Closure Digital Print System


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