IMDvista BTIX – Barrier Vision Inspection

Discover your closure barrier.

Protected by the patent No. WO2013087762A1 (*)

The BTIX system integrates perfectly into the IMDvista INOX line for barrier closures inspection.

  • Inspect EVOH injected closures
  • Inspect different layer materials
  • Integrated in complete IMDvista closure downstream line
  • Detects relative layer thickness, size, missing sections etc.
  • Including control cabinet, Ethernet, PLC, screen, blowout etc.

Functionality and Design

100 % Inline testing in the flow of the process and rejection of bad closures.


High speed application integrated in a IMDvista complete closure system solution


Special industrialized camera

Visible Barrier Layer

Barrier layers become visible (per example EVOH)

Barrier Material

Inspect different layer materials

IMDvista TWIN – Closure Inspection Application

Closure Inspection

Choose your closure inspection system from different options

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