Tanner DFST Double Filling Station

Preform Conveying - The solution for preform manufacturers

After inspection a double z-belt conveyor transports the good preforms into two boxes and the bad preforms into one box. Process optimisation due to three boxes loading after the camera inspection.

  • Connection to the PECO V3 in all directions
  • Good and bad parts conveying, all in one
  • High and solid quality
  • Long lifetime

Two in one system. Two z-belts are conveying the bad and good preforms.


Flexible positioning – linear, left or right after PECO V3

Functionality and Design

Proven long-term experience in conveying preforms. The system is impressive in simplicity and clear design.

  • Automatic changes due to perfect placed sensors
  • Covers are standard to keep the solution closed from dust

In Depth

Two z-belts are combined in one system. Bad preforms will be ejected from the PECO V3 to the lower z-belt. The good preforms will be transfered to the upper z-belt.

  • Good preforms are on the upper belt and the bad on the bottom belt
  • Transfer good preforms to the cross belt and bad ones directly to the preform box with bad parts
  • Sensors are changing the cross belt if one box with good parts are full

Your Benefits – Swiss Partnership Drives Innovation

Preform inspection meets preform handling on a new market level. It is more than a partnership. Synergies and Swiss quality creates a high standard inspection solution.

  • More flexibility
  • Market leader in preform handling
  • Each company focus on their core competencies
  • Think like the customer
  • One system from two market leaders in the sector
IMDvista PECO – Preform Inspection Application

Preform Inspection

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