Barrier Vision Inspection

IMDvista BTIR IL - IN-line Vision Inspection System

Discover your barrier.

Protected by the patent No. WO2013087762A1 (*)

Imagine if your handling system does not stop to take a picture – This is exactly how our IMDvista BTIR operates!
Barrier Inspection – Integration in any external machine solution and also in handling and robot-systems.

  • Flexible and easy integration in any system
  • Compact and fully adapted to your needs
  • One control center (HMI) for the whole vision system
  • Including barrier vision system, touch screen and all licences
  • Detects any barrier in your product

Functionality and Design

100 % Inline testing in the flow of the process and possibility of rejection of bad parts.


Powerful Software that makes the system extremely robust and reliable


Easy integration into existing systems


Special industrialized camera

Touch Interface

One screen for complete overview

Your Benefits

Barrier inspection meets handling for integrated inspection systems.

  • Inspect any EVOH part
  • Inspect different layer materials
  • Integration into any handling system
IMDvista BARRIER Application

Barrier Inspection

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