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New IMD AG production facility opened – productivity increased, delivery times halved!

By February 21, 2019IMDvista, Product News


New IMD production facility - what has improved?

Now IMD can guarantee the high order volume with shorter delivery times. The new production area, the warehouse and the demonstration room are spacious and modern, less than 50 m away from the old location. From mid-2019, the other areas will also move into the same building - then everything will be under one roof.

IMDvista Production

Giuseppe Cipressi - Production Manager, IMD AG

Interview with Giuseppe Cipressi, Production Manager, IMD AG

We visit the production manager in the new modern, IMD production facility, less than 50 m from our old location. The move was really worthwhile. A more generous working area has created design space for more efficient processes. Increased storage and a dedicated demonstration room for our customers. The result – increased productivity and shorter delivery times.  

How did you find this new location?

Giuseppe Cipressi: We had been looking for new premises for a long time, to no avail. Eventually, we found what we were looking for here in autumn 2017 and everything fell into place. At that time, there was only an old, empty hall here, which was just waiting to be converted into a perfect production facility. That’s exactly what I’ve always imagined. A lot of space to arrange the production and the warehouse in such a way that we have efficient processes and a lot of design freedom.

From mid-2019, the offices will also move into the same building – is that correct?

Yes and of course, it will be perfect. A completely rebuilt, new location for IMD will become reality in mid-2019. Then we will be self-contained, and equipped for the future.

You were in charge of the entire conversion – how was that for you?

It was a very intense and interesting time, being able to take over the production management and this conversion project, I feel proud, but I also had to think about how everything would work. The realisation of the demo room took a lot of time, because it was supposed to be something very special for our visitors. I believe we have succeeded! Thanks to the cooperation between all parties, our vision has been realized. I am excited to see the results of our work every day.

What has improved with the new production facility?

In short: We can finally cope with incoming orders again! In recent years, the volume of orders has risen steadily. Due to the limited space we previously had available, our delivery times increased to over 20 weeks – which we have now been able to reduce to around half. In the new hall, we can make our production processes more efficient and much more flexible, which of course also increases productivity. Deliveries to the warehouse no longer hinder us at work and we can sometimes leave a plant that is in production without blocking further production. I am very satisfied with the result and am pleased that my employees have more room to develop.