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Review Product Launch: Swiss partnership proves itself

By March 13, 2016August 21st, 2018Exhibitions, IMDvista, Product News

Product News

Review Product Launch: Swiss partnership proves itself

The market has reacted extremely positively to the relaunch. Customers quickly recognised what additional technical and commercial advantages the new systems will give them and they know that cooperation between Swiss partners works well. All the systems that were presented in autumn are already in operation somewhere in the world today and more and more orders are coming in. What can we expect in 2016? Read more about this in an interview with Martin Gerber, Sales Manager at IMD.

On 10 September 2015, Swiss market leaders IMD (inspection/handling), PackSys Global (slitting/folding), Hapa (digital print) and Tanner (preform feeding) presented the new products they have developed together for the first time at the SWISS PARTNERSHIP DRIVES INNOVATION 2015 product launch event. What has happened in the meantime?

Interview with Martin Gerber.

Foto Martin Gerber

From our point of view, I can say that the 2015 product launch was a success! We have established that the market immediately recognised the potential of these new systems from both a technical and commercial viewpoint. It is not without a certain amount of pride that I can say we continue to receive new orders. This encourages us to continue the superb, successful cooperation with our Swiss partners,” says Martin Gerber, IMD’s Sales Manager

To what do you attribute the success of these new products on the market?

We are all market leaders and have bundled our key skills together in the new systems. This has enabled us to launch some really revolutionary systems. This has definitely been the highlight of my 10 years with IMD. Cooperation with our Swiss partners works exceptionally well. In my opinion, the greatest factor for success has to be the very active, close cooperation between the CEOs involved. This was the foundation for everything.


Then the Swiss partnership has proved to be a success?

Yes, it is incredibly exciting. Employees from the different companies exchange ideas at all levels and in all departments during regular meetings. We are all based in Switzerland and located just a few kilometres from one another. When visiting us, our customers have the opportunity to visit both companies spontaneously and at short notice. In the case of projects, we can all sit around the table with the customer at any time and, working flexibly together, develop the best solution. In the digital world, direct and personal contact is still the most important and most effective! We found that most emphatically to be the case during the development of these new systems.


What are the prospects?
As has been the case in past years, we are also planning striking growth in 2016. After the product launch and resulting discussions and projects, we can already say today that we are counting on a successful 2016. Only 2 examples. The IMDVista PECO LUX system brings our customers in INLINE preform production completely new opportunities, which have just not existed until now. Or take a look at the marketing possibilities with the IMDvista CLDP system. The digital and flexible printing of closures not only gives the manufacturers quite new perspectives, but the brand owners and customers have now been presented with a completely new marketing tool.