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PREFORM Testing «à la carte»

The concept:

We keep the Preforms in one straight line, no bends, no corners etc. Adapting from one Preform to another within a few minutes through simple changes in the setting without changing of parts. Rely on our proved and tested technology, which is already succesfully and reliably in operation.


Choose your preform testing system from following possibilities: 


(PECO IL) - Inline inspection after molding machine

The need to inspect 100%-inline is growing bigger. One reason is cost and another reason is the growing mixture of recycled materials in virgin PET. The IMDvista PECO V2 is a helpful system to detect and reject defective preform. 100% and inline, not just control samples. The fact that through immediate Feedback, instant optimizations during the process are possible, makes the investment worth while as known in the closure industry. 


IMDvista PECO IL - PREFORM Testing

IMDvista PECO IL - PREFORM Testing on YouTube

(PECO LUX) - Inline preform process monitoring

Main performance quality drifts plus color variations can be monitored by IMDvista’s PECO LUX system in a continuous mode. This camera based testing system requires no additional floor space; its installation is simple and demands very little modifications on existing production lines.
The fully integrated and operational monitoring system can inspect a great variety of preform formats with a single set-up. A smart software – based on self-learn functions (AI) – makes the system easy to use for operators.


(IMDvista LAYER) - Multilayer thickness measurement

Introducing IMDvista LAYER, a new nondestructive multilayer thickness measurement solution for multi-layer plastic bottles, containers, preforms and thin wall packaging.
LAYER uses terahertz technology to inspect and measure individual layer thicknesses (greater than 10µm with differing refractive indices) in both opaque and translucent plastics in a matter of seconds, nondestructively, with a click of a button.
This off-line system demonstrates both speed and precision to provide measurements for up to 10 layers ranging in thickness from 10µm to 5 mm.
LAYER is an automated quality control system with a repeatable precision accuracy that eliminates human errors resulting from manual cutting of products in manufacturing quality control.
LAYER can measure the thickness of different layers, including the costly, ultra-thin barrier layer with an accuracy of better than +-5µm.


(PECO BF) - Before Blowing / Filling machines

With the PECO BF you are able to sort out defective preforms before reaching the filling system. This will prevent costly stops (we all know how much every minute a stopped filling line costs). The steps are this simple: disconnect the drip rail of your sorter in your existing system and install the PECO BF between. This system is based on field-tested technologies and therefore highly reliable.
The inspection can also be combined with a M. Tanner Clamping Conveyor. The preforms will be inspected for defects, and thanks to a unique over head air rinsing and UV system, also cleaned. 


(PECO OL) - Offline re-sorting

PECO OL is perfect for a production environment where a 100% inline inspection is not possible. It will inspect for example, deliveries for high quality demanding customers. It will also resort flawed quality production and prevents disposal of the entire batch.
This system is designed especially for resorting and allows quick preform type changeovers. 



Details on IMDvista Preform System:

  • IMDvista PECO Preform Testing System

    IMDvista PECO Preform Testing System


    • Inline inspection possible!
    • Conveyor belts only (no star wheels)
    • Faster speed than all star wheel solutions
    • Easy product change (adjustable parts)
    • Integrated bad part bin (half octabin on pallet)
    • Box filling directly after conveyor
    • Compact and robust design (2.2 m x 0.8 m x 2.5 m)
  • IMDvista PECO LUX Inline preform process monitoring

    IMDvista PECO LUX Inline preform process monitoring


    • Easily integrated into existing production systems
    • Requires no additional space / no preform orientation necessary
    • Smart software based on self-learning functions / IMDvista® V5
    • Alerts you immediately if something goes wrong
    • Saves money through pre-alarm function
  • Tanner – VZT Preform Feeding System  – Compact Line

    Tanner – VZT Preform Feeding System – Compact Line


    • More than 20 years experience; more than 2.000 systems in operation worldwide
    • Concept for inline or offline
    • Flexible installation options
    • Level control for automatic loading
    • Fast changeover from PCO to wide neck
    • Remote control directly at the roller sorter
    • Option: rail change over pneumatically from PCO to wide neck
    • standard line: a Tanner system for any layouts & for speed up to 80’000 p/h
  • Tanner - KPTL Tipper System

    Tanner - KPTL Tipper System


    • Connection on any side to silo
    • Adjustable side parts
    • Low height (< 4 meter
    • Easy noise protection possible
    • Option silo cover

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