BARRIER Testing «à la carte»


Imagine if your handling system does not stop to take a picture – This is exactly how our IMDvista BTIR operates!


Choose your barrier testing system from following options:


(BTIR OL) - Offline System for sampling inspection

This system is ideal for off-line testing to examine while prototyping or sample from a production quickly and easily. Because of the direct feedback on the quality of the barrier layer, the optimization of the process is extremely efficient. With its flexible mounting, parts of all kinds can clamp and checked quickly and easily. The system is very compact, therefore it is mobile and flexible as well. 


(BTIR OEM) - Integrated into the Handling and Robot-Systems

Imagine if your handling system did not stop to take a picture, but could just drive past the vision system. This is exactly how our BTIR OEM operates. The integration is very simple and our extensive experience with OEM systems comes to show. It is operated with our well known and appreciated IMDvista V4 software and hardware. The system can be supplemented with any normal daylight cameras. Simple, fast, IMDvista.

We do also offer complete solutions in cooperation with Waldorf Technik Germany. It can not get any easier. 


(IMDvista LAYER) - Multilayer thickness measurement

Introducing IMDvista LAYER, a new nondestructive multilayer thickness measurement solution for multi-layer plastic bottles, containers, preforms and thin wall packaging.
LAYER uses terahertz technology to inspect and measure individual layer thicknesses (greater than 10µm with differing refractive indices) in both opaque and translucent plastics in a matter of seconds, nondestructively, with a click of a button.
This off-line system demonstrates both speed and precision to provide measurements for up to 10 layers ranging in thickness from 10µm to 5 mm.
LAYER is an automated quality control system with a repeatable precision accuracy that eliminates human errors resulting from manual cutting of products in manufacturing quality control.
LAYER can measure the thickness of different layers, including the costly, ultra-thin barrier layer with an accuracy of better than +-5µm.


(BTIR IX) - Inline incl. Conveyer for Closures

The BTIR system integrates perfectly into the IMDvista INOX Line. Once again, a complete solution from IMDvista, your single source. 


Details on IMDvista Barrier Testing System:

Pat. pending technology.

  • IMDvista BTIR OL – Sperrschichtenprüfung OFFLINE

    IMDvista BTIR OL – Sperrschichtenprüfung OFFLINE


    • Zur Off-Line-Prüfung beim Prototypen-Phase x
    • Möglichkeiten für kontinuierliche Tests während der Bemusterungen und Produktanalysen
    • Für Teilegrössen bis 200 mm Durchmesser
    • Inklusive Prüfstückhalter für Becher und Flaschen
    • Alles in einem Gehäuse mit den Dimensionen 1103x770x766mm (Schaltschrank, Ethernet-Verbindung, Monitor, usw.)
  • IMDvista BTIR OEM – Barrier Testing for OEM Integration

    IMDvista BTIR OEM – Barrier Testing for OEM Integration


    • Easy integration in existing  or new equipment
    • Complete package (software ,   signals , rejection , statistics,   etc .)
    • Unique modular concept (requires no additional hardware
  • IMDvista BTIX – Barrier Testing (pat. pending)

    IMDvista BTIX – Barrier Testing (pat. pending)


    • Barrier layers become visible (per example EVOH)
    • Detects relative layer thickness, size, missing sections etc.
    • 100 % Inline testing in the flow of the process and rejection of bad parts
    • High speed application integrated in a IMDvista®Complete System Solution
    • OEM Applications - integrating IMDvista®BTIX into existing handling systems
    • Including control cabinet, Ethernet, PLC, screen, blowout etc.

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