IMDvista PECO V3 – the upgraded preform inspection system

Interview with Matthias Hermle, CEO IMD Ltd.


What is new about the IMDvista PECO V3?
It is the upgrade of the well proven inspection system IMDvista PECO V2: The target was better accessibilty, a smaller footprint and an artificial intelligence to read the cavity number. The M. Tanner roller sorter was lowered to the floor to gain accessibility. With two easy to open swing doors, operators get the perfect acces to the inspection systems. IMDvista V5 Vision Control Center with its new and unique artificial intelligence module is used to read the cavity number of your preform. The statistics are well presented to the operator based on the defects per cavity. The proven M. Tanner sorting system combined with a new connection to the IMDvista Peco V3 inspection system makes the system even more reliable and easy to use.

Matthias Hermle, CEO IMD Ltd.

What is your concept of preforms sorting in PECO V3?
The concept of preforms sorting was kept with roller system because the tests have proven that this is still the most gentle way compared to the rotary sorters. The layout has a wide range of configuration possibilities to flexibly adapt to the production area. A unique “double conveyor” feeds the good and the bad parts to half octabins, again to perfectly adapt to the production aiming for the best possible logistics in production.

A preform production process without inspection systems – still possible?
Inspection solutions get more and more important for the fully automated and optimised preform production process in the plastic industry. Factory layouts are optimised to the limits and no square meter stays “unused”. Driven by the need to use recycled material, using UV blocker etc., defect detection is becoming a must. Problems like black spots, colour deviations, crystallisations etc. happen during production, appear and go away again. The IMDvista Portal links all the systems together offering the production people a fast and easy overview of the monitored production. Problems are displayed and alerted immediately when they happen and corrective actions can be initiated immediately.


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